Parts and Service


If you need parts for any of the systems we sell, give us a call. We stock most parts in house and have access directly to the manufacturers.

Visa, Mastercard and
American Express
accepted for parts orders!

Call 317-228-9070
Fax 317-228-9870

All Simple Solutions Technicians are factory trained with years of experience. Product Specialist assist customers in the selection of the right equipment and are available for service, training and setup of equipment too!

Refurbish / Rebuild

We can refurbish and/or rebuild any type of our supported equipment.

Here is what we do:

First, we receive in your equipment for evaluation and send you a quote.

Next, after we receive approval of the quote, we begin the refurbishing process. We start by disassembling the equipment. We clean all parts thoroughly inside and out including the chassis. We check all parts for proper fit, tolerance and performance. Parts that are out of factory specification are replaced. We use only OEM factory approved parts and components.

Then last, we reassemble the equipment, checking for proper tolerances and settings as we go. Once completed, we put the equipment through several testing procedures to ensure that your equipment operates like new and looks great too. We then carefully package the equipment up and ship it back to you.

That’s it!

Images of Universal Labeling Systems refurbished/rebuilt applicators below. (Click on picture for higher resolution!)